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Learning Resources


This section provides direct access to a variety of learning materials, on a range of mathematical topics. Relevant resources are organised according to subject/discipline and can be accessed via the left hand navigation bar. Each subject has a combination of resources available (outlined below).

If you need assistance on a topic that is not covered here, or after working through a particular topic you are still unsure about something, please feel free to contact us.

HELM Resources (Available in Learning Central Only)

The HELM (Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics) resource consists of a large range of PDF workbooks featuring worked examples on numerous mathematical and statistical topics. Online quizzes for many of the topics are also available. Although specifically designed to help Engineers, many of the resources would undoubtedly benefit many other students. 


The MathTutor resource includes video tutorials, notes and exercises on over 80 topics, covering the essentials between GCSE and first year university mathematics.

Refresher Booklets

These resources are downloadable books (PDF or Word files) that contain examples for you to work through. Solutions to all the examples are included at the end of the booklet. However, if you require further explanations relating to any of the problems why not take it along to a drop-in session and discuss things with a Maths Support tutor.

Online Quizzes

The best way to learn maths is to work your way through some mathematical problems. The computer based quizzes are designed to give you plenty of examples to try and possibly highlight any areas which require more attention. The questions are randomly selected from a question bank, so there is no limit to number of times you can attempt the various quizzes. (Before progressing download the important information pages for the Online Quizzes). Due to software updates, there may be some disruption to the availability of the online quizzes.

Additional Resources

The Maths Support Service is working closely with individual departments to develop more subject specific material for this resource. Each section will also include links to various subject specific resources that are currently available. E.g. relevant websites, MathCentre quick sheets etc.

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