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Applied Analysis

Inverse Problems in Materials Modelling

Predicting the behaviour of viscoelastic materials under flow or deformation gives rise to many classes of models of integral and differential type. These models contain kernels or discrete parameter sets which have to be inferred indirectly from the results of simple experiments. Estimating material functions from indirect measurements is a rich and exciting source of challenging inverse problems, often with deep mathematical content.

Homogenisation and the mechanics of composites

The mathematical theory of homogenisation investigates the overall properties of media possessing some sort of ``miscrostructure''. A wealth of observed phenomena in mechanics and other appliead areas is due to complex interactions between various ``elementary'' features, taking place on the range from the atomic to the macroscopic scale. Developing mathematical techniques to study such interactions is our main preoccupation within this research area. It has a strong interplay with other mathematical disciplines, such as the calculus of variations, as well as with industrial applications.

Main Research Topics