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Money Matters

Undergraduate Tuition Fees


UK and EU Students

Cardiff University will charge an annual fee of approximately £9,000 to all full-time students registering on undergraduate courses. However, this fee will be deferred until after you have graduated. It will then be converted into a loan which you begin to repay only when your annual income exceeds the repayment threshold (currently £21,000). Repayments would then be a minimum of 9% of the difference between the repayment threshold and your income.

For students who spend a year on an industrial placement, the fee for their placement year in 2012 is £1500.

For more information please go to the Cardiff University Undergraduate Tuition Fees pages.

For information about the bursaries offered by Cardiff University please see

Scholarships and Prizes

The School of Mathematics id delighted to award scholarships of £1,000 to the ten applicants with the best A-level grades (or equivalent). To be eligible, you must be a UK/EU student coming to Cardiff University in September 2014. You must also choose Cardiff as your first choice. You do not need to apply. Those who are successful will be notified in writing in October 2014.

Four students will be awarded £500 at the end of Year One of their studies based on their performance. One such scholarship will also be awarded based on the most improved performance .

The three students achieving the highest average mark in Year Two and the two students with the highest average mark in Year Three will also be awarded the sum of £500. Additional prizes are available in all years for outstanding performance in specific degree schemes or modules. These are often provided by companies and government organisations such as LloydsTSB and the Office for National Statistics.