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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I likely to be made an offer by Cardiff?
Yes, we make an offer to everyone who has even a slight chance of meeting our offer.

When will I receive my offer?
Once we receive your application, we will invite you to an open day. You will normally receive your offer once you let us know whether or not you are attending an open day.

Does it matter what A level subjects I am taking?
No, all A level subjects are accepted other than General Studies and Critical Thinking.  There is no requirement for you to study Further Maths.

How important is the personal statement?
Not very important – explain why you wish to study Maths and be yourself.

Will I be given a place in halls?
All students who choose Cardiff as their firm or insurance choice are guaranteed a place in halls. Please see the following link for more information about accommodation including typical fees:

What software do I need to buy?
All software that is taught is available on the university network. Therefore there is no need for you to purchase any software for your Maths degree.