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  • EPSRC funds new UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Sciences (UKCOMES)


    Professor Tim Phillips is a co-investigator on a new EPSRC network grant involving researchers at UCL, Imperial College, Manchester, Cranfield, Strathclyde and Leeds. Working in the emergent field of mesoscopic simulation requires a truly multidisciplinary approach that needs to span a wide range of both spatial and temporal scales and necessitates close interaction between researchers in the physical and chemical sciences, mathematics, biology, engineering and computational science.

    The creation of UKCOMES brings together the required expertise to make critical theoretical discoveries and translate these new concepts into software that is able to exploit today's and future high-end computing (HEC) hardware developments. Enhanced modelling tools and an improved understanding of mesoscale phenomena will help designers, developers and manufacturers to improve design capabilities and shorten product development cycles, thus benefitting the aeronautical, automotive, chemical, food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and process industries and strengthening UK's industrial competitiveness overall.

    Cardiff OR Stars at EURO Summer Institute


    Jenny Morgan, Julie Vile, Vincent Knight and Paul Harper were involved in the EURO Summer Institute for Healthcare. Jenny and Julie were the only two UK invited participants for the EURO Summer Institute for Healthcare ( This prestigious event hosts early career researchers in an intense environment where leading experts in the field of healthcare modelling offer guidance over a ten day period.

    This year the event took place in the scenic location of Forte di Barde in Italy's valley d'Aoste. (pictured right). Paul was one of the experts giving a tutorial on queueing theory applied to healthcare with an emphasis on the general process of writing an academic paper and Vince was on the organising committee and participated throughout the workshop.

    Workshop on Innovations in University Mathematics Teaching


    Cardiff School of Mathematics hosted this 2-day workshop, which introduced delegates to innovative approaches to teaching mathematics in university settings. In particular there was be masterclasses on two meth¬ods: inquiry based learning and flipped classrooms, combined with plenty of opportunities for delegates to experi¬ence these methods in practice and reflect on ways in which they might be embedded within their own teaching. The workshop was organised by Prof Paul Harper, Dr Vince Knight and Dr Rob Wilson of Cardiff University School of Mathematics. For further details please visit the website:

    Maths Success at the ESLA’s!


    The annual university Enriching Student Life Awards (ESLA’s) is a celebration of the commitment and dedication of university students and staff who have made a real difference to the student experience. This year several members of Maths staff were nominated for awards, along with student members of the School Student-Staff Panel. The dinner and awards ceremony at the Great Hall was a fantastic occasion, with Maths featuring strongly amongst the list of winners. Congratulations go to:

    Anatoly Zhigljavsky – Winner of the 'Most Innovative Member of Staff' award.

    Rochelle Brunnock and Will McLoughlin – Winners of the 'Student Academic Rep of the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering' award.

    Rochelle Brunnock – Winner of the 'Student Academic Rep of the Year 2014' award.

    Congratulations to the winners, and to all those who were nominated.


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Congratulations to our Graduation Class of 2013. Photographs from the Graduation Reception for this year and prior years can be found via the following links:

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The School awards a number of prizes for academic performance in the second and final year.

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The School frequently hosts a number of conferences, workshops, and talks on a wide and varied range of subjects, and featuring many distinguished guests and speakers.

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Wednesday 24th December - Sunday January 4th 2015

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Wednesday 7th January

Functional Materials Far From Equilibrium (GW4)

Organized by Dr. Nicolas Dirr

Cardiff will be hosting the third meeting of the GW4 initiative 'Functional materials far from equilibrium’  on 7 January 2015.