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Operational Research and Statistics Seminars 2008 - 2009


Investigation throught Simulation of cardiac care pathways in Wales (WIMCS Series Seminar)

Wednesday 8 October

Speaker: Dr W John Watkins (Cardiff)

An Introduction to Metaheuristic Algorithms and the Intractable Problems that they try to Solve (SWORDS Series Seminar)

Wednesday 15 October, 6:30pm - Julian Hodge Lecture Theatre, Cardiff Business School

Speaker: Dr Rhyd Lewis (Cardiff)

What in the world is WISERD? (Statistics Series Seminar)

Wednesday 22 October

Speaker: Dr Scott Orford (Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods)

Automating the Selection of a Simulation Warm-up Period (Operational Research Series Seminar)

Wednesday 29 October

Speaker: Professor Stewart Robinson (Warwick)

Interval estimation for quantities relating to proportions - further developments (WIMCS Series Seminar)

Wednesday 5 November - 3rd Floor, Neuadd Meirionnydd, Building 122, Heath Park Campus

Speaker: Professor Robert Newcombe (Cardiff)

Random Matrices (Statistics Series Seminar)

Wednesday 12 November

Speaker: Professor Vyacheslav Girko (Ukranian National Academy of Sciences)

Vehicle Routing: Transforming the Problem (Operational Research Series Seminar)

Wednesday 19 November

Speaker: Professor Richard Eglese (Lancaster)

Joint modelling of longitudinal and competing risks data (Statistics Series Seminar)

Wednesday 26 November

Speaker: Professor Paula Williamson (Liverpool)

A quirky technique for solving vehicle routing problems (WIMCS Series Seminar)

Wednesday 3 December

Speaker: Dr Christine Mumford (Cardiff)

Applications of Submodular Optimisation to Scheduling with Controllable Processing Times (Operational Research Series Seminar)

Wednesday 10 December

Speaker: Professor Vitaly Strusevich (Greenwich)

Complex engineering systems residual life estimation with applications, a case using Spectrometric Oil Analysis (SOAP) Programme data from diesel engines

Wednesday 28 January

Speaker: Professor Wenbin Wang (Salford Business School, University of Salford)

Modelling in the realisation of competitive manufacturing; practice and research

Wednesday 4 February - 6pm in M/2.06

Speakers: Professor Tim Baines and John Ladbrook (School of Applied Sciences, Cranfield University and Ford)

Simple models for censored longitudinal data

Wednesday 11 February

Speaker: Dr Daniel Farewell (Department of Primary Care and Public Health,
School of Medicine, Cardiff University)

Statistical Issues in Organ Transplantation

Wednesday 18 February

Speaker: Professor Dave Collett (NHS Blood and Transplant)

Operational Research and Uncertain Reasoning based Analysis

Wednesday 4 March

Speaker: Dr Malcolm Beynon (Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University)

Applications of Submodular Optimisation to Scheduling with Controllable Processing Times

Wednesday 18 March

Speaker: Professor Vitaly Strusevich (School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich)

Would you trust a ‘simple doctor’?! Current topics in healthcare modelling.

Wednesday 22 April - Bristol (more details on request)

Speaker: Professor Paul Harper (Cardiff Unversity)

Estimating the Effectiveness of Immunization against Paralytic Poliomyelitis in Nigeria

Wednesday 29 April

Speaker: Professor Christl Donnelly (Division of Epidemiology, Public Health and Primary Care, Imperial College London)