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Mathematics Colloquium 2007 - 2008


KAM method and spectral study of the limit-periodic Schroedinger operator

4 June 2008, 11am(M/0.40)

Speaker: Professor Y Karpeshina (Birmingham Alabama)

Schroedinger operators with pseudo-random potentials

4 June 2008, 12 noon(M/0.40)

Speaker: Professor G Stolz (Birmingham Alabama)

Semi-classical theory for pedestrians

Tuesday 27 May, Wednesday 28 May, Tuesday 3 June, Wednesday 4 June and Tuesday 10 June 2008

10-12am - Access Grid room, Welsh e-Science centre

Speaker: Professor Uzy Smilanksy (Cardiff School of Mathematics, and Weizmann Institute of Sciences)

Boundary problems for axial-symmetric potential fields

7 May 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Professor S Plaksa (Kiev)

Quantum energy inequalities

23 April 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Dr C J Fewster (York)

Roots of geometric polynomials

23 April 2008, 4:10pm

Speaker: Professor M Henk (Magdeburg)

Spectrum of positive type of operator functions

16 April 2008, 3 pm

Speaker: Dr M Langer (Strathclyde)

Elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic in geometry, algebra and analysis

12 March 2008, 3 pm

Speaker: Professor V Kisil (Leeds)

Application of an idea of Voronoi to analysis and geometry of numbers

12 March 2008, 4.10 pm

Speaker: Prof P Gruber (TU Wien)

Instability of supersonic flow over a compression ramp

11 March 2008, 3 pm

Speaker: Professor Jitesh Gajjar (Manchester)

Effective wave propagation in pre-stressed composites

20 February 2008, 3 pm

Speaker: Dr W J Parnell (Manchester)

Direct Optimal Growth Analysis for Timesteppers

19 February 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Professor Spencer Sherwin (Imperial College)

A non-homogeneous constitutive model for human blood

13 February 2008, 3 pm

Speaker: Dr M Moyers-Gonzalez (Durham)

Bloch waves in waveguides

6 February 2008, 3 pm

Speaker: Prof R Craster (Imperial College London)

Mathematical and computational methods in archeology

26 Nov 2007, 4 pm

Speaker: Prof U Smilansky (Weizmann Institute & Cardiff)

Teleparallelism: difficult word but simple way of reinterpreting the Dirac equation

21 November 2007, 3 pm

Speaker: Prof D Vassiliev (University College London)

Can one count the shape of a drum?

7 November 2007, 4:15 pm

Speaker: Prof U Smilansky (Weizmann Institute & Cardiff)

On the level sets of the resolvent norm of a linear operator

7 Nov 2007, 3 pm

Speaker: Dr E Shargorodsky (King's College London)

On the complexity index and approximations of spectra and pseudospectra

24 October 2007, 3 pm

Speaker: AC Hansen (Cambridge)