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Dr Neil Goulding


Neil Goulding Position: Research Associate Email:
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 70620
Fax: +44(0)29 208 74199
Extension: 70620
Location: M/1.32

Research Interests

My main research interests are associated with inverse problems. In my PhD thesis I specialized in inverse problems connected with complex (polymeric) fluids. This research was heavily involved with computational techniques for the signal processing of data from oscillatory shear flow experiments. In particular, I developed a fresh approach to numerical deconvolution, which is applicable to the deconvolution of noisy data where there is a strong level of ill-posedness in the associated inverse problem. In my PhD I confined attention to an exponentially ill-posed inverse problem in fluid mechanics, which also has an analogue in the relaxation of dielectric materials. However, the methodology I have developed can be used more generally, and I am keen to explore the potential impact of my work in other application areas of signal and image processing.

I am extremely interested in inverse problems in imaging science, and in particular, brain imaging, which is a vital tool in understanding how the human brain works and how diseases and malfunctions of the brain affect health, behaviour, and well-being. I am keen to exploit current trends in the mathematical underpinning of imaging science to achieve transformational change in brain imaging, and help to form a strong collaboration between the School of Mathematics and CUBRIC (Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre).

Research Group

Applied Mathematics


Major Conference Talks

March 2011. Wavelet regularization and the continuous relaxation spectrum. Numerical Analysis Day for Postgraduates. Oxford University.

May 2010. Wavelet regularization and the continuous relaxation spectrum. University of Wales Gregynog Colloquium.

April 2009. Wavelet dictionaries for the continuous relaxation spectrum. Annual European Rheology Conference. Cardiff University.

October 2008. Wavelet regularization and the continuous relaxation spectrum. Numerical Analysis Day for Postgraduates. Bath University.

April 2008. Recovery of the continuous relaxation spectrum in linear viscoelasticity by wavelet regression. British Applied Mathematics Colloquium. Manchester University.



BSc - Cardiff University.

PhD - Cardiff University.
Thesis title: Wavelet regularization and the continuous relaxation spectrum

Positions Held

October 2011 – present : EPSRC Research Associate in Mathematics/CUBRIC.