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Our themes

We have identified five key 'themes' or areas of focus for the Learning Hub. These themes reflect key areas of activity and expertise across Cardiff University, and will evolve to reflect the ever changing nature of learning and teaching in Higher Education.

Designing for learning

Good curriculum design and programme development is fundamental for embedding good practice in learning and teaching. Investigate examples of how different learning approaches (e.g. technology enhanced learning, inquiry-based learning, distance learning) have been developed to support and demonstrate intended aims and objectives.

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Assessment for Learning

Assessment is a key aspect of the learning cycle. Explore good practice in assessment design that enables learners to monitor and reflect upon their progress and support future learning.

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Supporting your teaching

Whether flipping the classroom or facilitating group work, it is important to recognise the range of approaches available.  Learn more about the different methodologies and how they can been applied to enhance teaching practice.

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Supporting students

Providing students with a full range of high-quality academic, administrative and pastoral support is an essential part of the student experience. Discover how mechanisms such as Personal Tutoring and Student Mentoring support students to develop both academically and as individuals.

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Professional Development

Discover the range of activities available to develop pedagogic understanding and teaching practice, and how such activities can be captured and recognised.

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Most recommended

Marking, grading and giving feedback

Published 23 Dec 2016 • 20 mins read

This set of materials is intended to provide guidance and support for those who are new to assessing and giving feedback and who are asked to implement an existing assessment process.


Assessment Design | Providing feedback

4 recommendations

Small group teaching: Methods & Techniques

Dr Nathan Roberts

Published 02 Dec 2016 • 10 mins read

Different methods facilitate different kinds of student engagement and opportunities to learn.


Small group teaching

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Problem-based Learning Video Case Study

Dr Annabel Cartwright

Published 21 Dec 2016 • 11 mins read

Dr Cartwright talks through how the School of Physics and Astronomy introduced a problem-based learning module to help with improving the employability skills of students undertaking the degree.


Facilitating Group Work

3 recommendations

ASKe Oxford Brookes Assessment Literacy Guide

Oxford Brookes

Published 21 Dec 2016 • 12 mins read

An external resource from Oxford Brookes providing guidance and advice on how to stage pre-assessment intervention to support students' assessment literacy.


Providing feedback

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Contribute to the Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is designed by academics for academics and we would encourage you to share anything that supports, enhances or prompts reflection on teaching and learning here at Cardiff University.

This is an opportunity to be an active part of the teaching community here at Cardiff, to share your expertise with your colleagues.

Recently added

HEA National Teaching Fellows at Cardiff

Professor Julie Price & Dr Stephen Rutherford

Published 03 Oct 2017 • 13 minutes read

Professor Julie Price from the School of Law and Politics and Dr Stephen Rutherford from the School of Biosciences discuss their National Teaching Fellow awards and how it has impacted their careers


Professional Recognition

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Embedding learning technology into practice: the how, why, and where to use digital tools effectively

Rebecca Ferriday

Published 08 Sep 2017 • 13 mins read

Rebecca Ferriday of Cardiff University's School of Healthcare Sciences presents at the Centre for Education Innovation's 2017 Learning & Teaching Conference on the subject of 'Embedding learning technology into practice: the how, why, and where to use digital tools effectively'


Ways of learning | Learning journeys | Digital and Information Literacy | Designing for distance learners | Blended programmes

1 recommendations

Six steps to improving your examination feedback

Dr Neil Harris

Published 08 Sep 2017 • 8 mins read

Follow these six steps to improve your examination feedback - A downloadable one page guide.


Assessment Design | Managing assessments

1 recommendations

Improving Peer Review: A Pilot Study

Dr Stephanie Rennick & Dr Charlotte Newey

Published 07 Sep 2017 • 30 mins read

This is a downloadable report on the outcomes of a project investigating the role of peer-assessment and feedback.


Assessment Design

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