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Widening Access

Success stories for the Student Tutor project

The Adamsdown Homework Club has been such a success that we are using it as a model for expansion across the city of Cardiff.


Adamsdown is one of the most deprived areas of Cardiff. It’s a very diverse area and historically has had low levels of attainment in schools by children and young people. We were approached by parents in the area who were really struggling to help their children with their school work. They want their children to have a better start in life than they had. And that’s why this Homework Club is needed.” – Su West, Communities First Co-ordinator, Adamsdown Resource Centre

“They helped me with Science, Maths, English and all the other projects. I have now improved on all those subjects.Pupil at the Adamsdown Homework Club.

“I’ve got two daughters that attend the Homework Club. At Adamsdown Primary School, which they both attend, they notice the benefit they get. They say ‘I’d like to go to Cardiff University’ or’ I can’t wait to get to Cardiff University’. They can’t wait to grow up.” – Sharifo, Parent.

“I think their confidence has grown since they started this Homework Club. They’ve made lots of friends and there are lots of other little things they do in the Homework Club that otherwise they wouldn’t have the opportunity.” – Farah, Parent.

picture9 The Student Tutor Project is one of the initiatives within Cardiff University’s Widening Access Strategy.