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Widening Access

Waikitt Chee

waikitt-chee5th year Medicine

About me

Friendly, love to meet new people and passionate about helping young children to access further education. I love languages, culture and food, hence love travelling (when money allows)!

Where I tutor

I tutor at the Somali Education Foundation (SEF-Cymru), a homework club based in Butetown which aims address the under-achievement in Cardiff. SEF-Cymru is a charity organisation which provides group tuition to help students in Math, Science and English from Year 5 to Year 13.

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

I had the opportunity to tutor aYear 9 student who just came to the country and spoke very little English. Seeing how she improved week after week was extremely satisfying!

What I’ve gained from the project

Definitely improved my teaching skills and knowledge about the subject I tutor! I have also leant to deal with challenging behaviour and building a rapport with young children in general!