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Ehangu Mynediad

Steph Chrystie

steph-chrystie2nd year Physics and Music

About me

I am from London but am living in Cardiff to study for my degree. I enjoy listening and playing music. I spend a lot of my time kayaking on local rivers on weekends.

Where I tutor

I work at SEF-CYMRU every Monday and Wednesday teaching maths to pupils aged 10-16. Its aim is to prepare young people for a world of opportunity. Its mission statement is: Education is the key to success!

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

My best memory of being a student tutor was when I was teaching one pupil a topic they had never done before and by the end of the session they were able to answer really challenging questions on the topic. It was really rewarding to see how much we can help someone.

What I’ve gained from the project

It’s amazing to see how the people we help develop over several weeks and months. It makes the whole project feel worthwhile.