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Widening Access

Roisin Sullivan

roisin-sullivan2nd Year English Literature

About me

I am from Guernsey in the Channel Islands and am studying English in Cardiff. I’m really enjoying uni although there is a lot of reading! After university I want to go travelling and maybe become a teacher or own my own cafe. I’m in the drama society and love being involved in performances.

Where I tutor

Last year I tutored English to GCSE level students and this year I’m working in Adamsdown Homework Club with Years 5 and 6. Both placements are different but I’ve really liked both of them.  I enjoy working at the Homework Club because the children do a range of subjects so we always get to do something different. My favourite part is when we do activities in the last half an hour – I’ve even got to brush up on my French!

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

When I was tutoring at the school last year I ran a session on story writing. This was one of my favourite tutoring experiences because the students really engaged with the class and came out with some great ideas.  To begin with most of them doubted their writing ability but by the end of the session they had all written the start of a story and it was great to see their confidence increased.

What I’ve gained from the project

Through joining the Student Tutor team I’ve gained really useful experience especially if I do go into a career in teaching.  I have gained practical knowledge of working in a class room and the Homework Club and I am especially lucky getting experience in both so I can see and adapt to the different age groups and demand. Working in the Homework Club I’ve also got to do a range of subjects and learnt I need to practice my maths especially when I can’t even do questions for a ten year old.