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Ehangu Mynediad

Mohammed Al-Yanai

mohammed-al-yani3rd Year BSc Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics

About me

Supportive, approachable, adventurous and competitive (sports). I enjoy playing any sports, in particular football and tennis!

I gain satisfaction in seeing pupils achieve their full potential with a can do attitude.

Where I tutor

I currently tutor at Adamsdown Homework Club. It is a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The staff are very helpful and supportive.  Most of the pupils are lively and keen to learn.

My favourite memory from Student Tutor Project

My favourite memory was when I did some maths card tricks and seeing the positive impact it had on the pupils. It encouraged logic problem solving and motivated pupils to engage with the subject, which was a great sense of achievement.

What I’ve gained from the project

Having the opportunity to support pupils in classroom environment has completely changed my approach to teaching.  I feel that I have gained more confidence, developed practical methods to teaching and enhanced my knowledge in other fields such as Science and English.