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Widening Access

Lucy Meredith

lucy-meredithFinal Year Maths and Music BA joint hons

About me

I am applying to do a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics as I’ve seen the importance of maths in all schools and really enjoy teaching. I also teach piano and have a strong passion for music also. I play the viola in the University Symphony Orchestra and I’m President of the University Wind Band Society.

Where I tutor

I have tutored maths at Cathays High School since January 2011 for 4 hours a week. It is a very rewarding yet challenging experience. Cathays is your typical inner city school, diverse and multicultural. I work with the same students on a fortnightly timetable.  I work with students from Year 7 to Year 11, usually the students with lower abilities that need that one-to-one help. The aim of the Student Tutor Project at Cathays is to aid those struggling, enabling them to pass maths GCSE.

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

I have many memories of lessons at Cathays. I don’t think one has stuck out to be a particular favourite after being at so many. However, helping students understand the work and then finding out they’ve achieved higher standards in homework and tests, and working with students that are really keen to learn and improve enabling me to leave the lesson knowing I’ve made a difference and put a smile on my face.

What I’ve gained from the project

I have learnt a lot from my experiences with the Student Tutor Project by observing the teachers and from tutoring the students after the work has been set. Some of the things I have learnt and improved include; organisational skills, time management while teaching, numerous different ideas for lesson plans, how to handle behaviour issues, how to work with a class of mixed abilities and set the same topic of work. I have gained a lot of confidence and teaching skills while at Cathays. All of which I hope will help me in my teaching role in the future.