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Widening Access

Irma Rosli

irma-rosli2nd Year Mechanical Engineering

A friendly Student Tutor willing to help with everything I could offer!

Where I tutor

I’m currently tutoring at Riverside Homework Club for pupils aged 6 to 11. We currently have about 9 students, but more  keep turning up each week, that’s a positive sign indeed!

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

There was one of the girls in the Homework Club, she was only about 6. We couldn’t do much with her as we felt she was too young for the Club, so we gave her some pieces of paper and asked her to draw her favourite things. She ended up drawing each tutor. That made my day. Her drawing is now  on my wall.

What I’ve gained from the project

While helping the children with their homework, I learned a lot myself too. I am slowly picking up the skills on how to deal with children with behavioural problems, how to explain problems to them in a good pace while still stimulating them to attempt solving the problems themselves.