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Widening Access

Hannah Swindells

hannah-swindells2nd year History BA

About me

I’m an enthusiastic and hard working history lover! I always participated in extra-curricular activities; I’m a lifeguard, play in jazz bands and act with the drama society. I taught English in Cambodia during my gap year and after graduating I’m hoping to teach English in China and Japan, before qualifying as a teacher here.

Where I tutor

Willow’s High School has a diverse student population and staff who are committed to giving their pupils the best start in life. The Maths department which I tutor with inspire and work hard to help their pupils achieve and I’m really proud to be a part of their ‘Belong, Believe, Achieve’ school ethos.

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

My favourite memory is when after working with a pupil in Year 10 on a particular maths problem, she turned to me and said: “Miss, I finally get it!” She then had no difficulty completing what had formally been a difficult task. I also enjoy talking to pupils about their future aspirations and helping them understand that, if they work hard and want it, they can go on to university!

What I’ve gained from the project

I have gained invaluable teaching experience. But the project for me is not about what I gain, it’s about what the students I tutor gain. Whether that’s being able to solve a maths problem, or thinking about what a level courses or apprenticeships they may want to do. If I can inspire them and help them believe in their own abilities, well, job done.