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Georgina Durell

georgina-durellCivil and Environmental Engineering, second year

About me

I am from Jersey Channel Island and moved to Cardiff to study at Cardiff University. Also at Cardiff I play a lot of squash and badminton.  Other than this my course is my main priority and I can usually be found embarrassingly enough in the library in the evenings trying to fit in as much as possible.

Where I tutor

Previously I have tutored in Cantonian High School. This was a nice place to tutor as the school is only small so all the teachers know the students and vice versa. My experience here varied a lot from my high school but I enjoyed the banter and the change in environment.

My favourite memory from the Student  Tutor Project

I think one of the most rewarding things about being a student tutor is when I was helping with GCSE revision. Even the students that hated maths were trying hard to grasp the concept. It was when I was helping one lad with a piece of work that he grasped straight away and went around to class teaching it to everyone else.

What I’ve gained from the project

I have gained experience in the work place along with responsibilities of being a teacher. Cantonian also opened my understanding to the wide range of mathematical abilities that people have that you don’t really understand when learning the maths yourself. It was good to get experience as a teacher and is a profession I am seriously considering in the future.