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Ehangu Mynediad

Emily Ann Wood

emily-ann-wood1st Year Graduate Diploma in Law

About me

I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature and during my time at university have been in the Hill Walking Society, Yoga Society, Christian Union, and Jazz Choir.

I’m also a keen rugby fan and support Wales and the London Welsh.

Where I tutor

Riverside is a new homework club following the great success of the Communities First project in Adamsdown, where I was based last year. So far we have been really impressed by the number of pupils interested, and their brightness and enthusiasm. We are focusing on increasing the resources available to us and utilising the ones we have to create a great learning environment.

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

There are a lot. Adamsdown Homework Club offered lots of projects for the pupils, such as writing rap songs on science themes which they then recorded and made a music video!

What I’ve gained from the project

It’s great to have such a fulfilling job at university, I really care about the pupils and enjoy seeing them progress through the year. Some of the kids are such great personalities it seems unfair to call this a job! The skills I’ve gained are really valuable (leadership, organisation, communication) and have been influential in getting on my law course and finding work experience.