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Widening Access

Ellis Morgan

ellis-morgan2nd  year, BA History and French

About me:

I’m from Cardiff and I have been thinking of going into teaching as a career after university. The Student Tutor Project has been a great way of helping the community and getting some insight and experience that might help me in the future.

Where I tutor:

I tutor at Riverside Homework Club, and mainly work with pupils in secondary education and A-Level. Riverside Homework Club has only recently been set up and during the past few months it has continued to grow with more and more pupils attending each week, which has been a real pleasure to witness.

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project:

I think the most challenging moments have been the most rewarding, and so our most recent Homework Club session will stay with me as a favourite memory. With the most pupils attending for that age range so far, and not as many tutors and volunteers as we usually have at first, it seemed like the evening would be a disaster. However once we had a chat with the pupils discussing what subjects they’d like to improve on we were able to set activities and they all seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was lovely to see them learning and still having fun with their friends.

What I’ve gained from the project:

Working with the Student Tutor Project has been a very enjoyable experience and meeting lots of new people during training and meetings has been great. The best part of the project is definitely when you’re working with a pupil studying a topic you really enjoy and they start to share your enthusiasm. Overall the project has helped me with my problem solving skills. It has given me more patience and a chance to encourage pupils to go on to further education.