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Ehangu Mynediad

Ben Ford

ben-ford2nd Year English Language and Philosophy student

About me

I have been tutoring since the middle of my 1st year, and am interested in a career in the field of education. I’m taking the Student Tutor Project as an opportunity for me to gain relevant work experience and help me understand whether it is truly something I want to pursue. It is also rewarding to know that in doing this, and being part of the children’s education, they can gain inspiration to go to university like us.

Where I tutor

I tutor English at SEF-cymru, an extra curricular education foundation for Somalian children. I work 2, 2 hour shifts on a Monday and Wednesday evening. I am essentially a teaching assistant for formal classes delivered by a teacher, but if a student brings in specific homework, I help them individually

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

One of my favourite memories is leading a discussion on Animal Rights with a year 9 and 10 class for a piece of persuasive writing. It was amazing to see some of their arguments being so alike to real philosophers!

What I’ve gained from the project

I’ve gained knowledge about the English teaching Curriculum and how it is implemented on a practical basis in classes, from the teachers point of view rather than a student! I’ve also gained a large respect for the Somalian parents, and their incredible emphasis on the importance of education for their children.