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Widening Access

Alice Marriott


2nd year Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies student

About me

I am a second year at Cardiff University. I study journalism and hope to go into a career within that field after university. I have always had an interest in teaching, so the Student Tutor Project immediately appealed to me. At the moment, I am unsure of the path I would like to take after university, but this project gives the perfect well-rounded basis to build on in whatever direction I choose.

Place where I tutor

I am currently tutoring at Adamsdown Homework Club. The club consists of fifteen children, but around ten on average attend weekly. Usually when the children arrive, the staff look for appropriate Maths, English or Science worksheets for them to do, or they finish off the work from the previous week. After the first hour, the children play outside in the garden and have refreshments before returning to take part in a group activity. Normally, the activity is an educational game to get the children interacting with each other.

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor project

My favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project is seeing the children really get the hang of a topic they previously found difficult. It is also fantastic to see them show off their hidden talents, especially when we do drawing exercises. Last week, the children were asked to draw pictures of activities they did for Children in Need. Some of the children coloured in their beautiful drawings of Pudsey bear.

What I’ve gained from the project

Since starting the project, I have learned to be more patient when the children perhaps haven’t immediately understood a topic. Also, I have understood the importance of explaining it in a more stripped down, simple way by breaking down hard subjects to make them more manageable.