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Ehangu Mynediad

Benefits of the Student Tutor project

This project produces benefits for all involved

For the Student Tutor: many derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping pupils improve their grades. Students also gain an impressive range of work-related skills and experiences. They learn how to deal with people from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and how to handle vocational situations which are not covered in any undergraduate degree programme. And for some it provides an opportunity to think where their degree can take them.

Apart from you are here to give the kids a bit more direction, it gives you more direction.”
Rory File, Student Tutor

For the pupils: first and foremost they get help with their school work. Evaluation shows that there is an improvement in concentration and behaviour with the younger pupils and improved exam results for the older pupils. But there are other benefits. The prospect of going to university can seem daunting, especially if you are the first in your family to do so. Some of the Student Tutors come from similar backgrounds and all help ease any fears and encourage students to aim high. The comfortable and friendly relationships allow pupils to ask many questions: how many lectures will I have to go to? What time do I have to get up? What’s life like as an undergraduate? Is it for me?

For their parents: they get a chance to see their child’s confidence grow and improve at school. The community-based homework clubs involve parents in the club, encouraging a sense of belonging to the local community. Some parents have gone on to study short courses with us in the community or with the Continuing & Professional Education and a few have used this as a stepping stone towards studying a degree.

And for the Cardiff Community… 

It is really inspiring. I think it’s great to have an opportunity for the students to work in the local community and to feel they have a better link with the communities within Cardiff. I think it’s also really good for the young people to be able to see and meet university students to see what they can achieve in the future. The pairing works extremely well.”
– Jenny Willott, MP, Cardiff Central.