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Widening Access

Choosing a Course

Lecture Theatre in Cardiff UniversityThere is a huge range of courses on offer. Here are some of the issues that can be helpful to consider as you work through the decision of what to study:

What subjects am I interested in?

What type of course would suit me? Consider:

Does the university location and general facilities suit my needs?

Independent Study is an important part of any degree programmeWith some general ideas of what to study, investigate further via the University’s web pages or undergraduate Prospectus that describes all the courses in some detail. Useful information is also available on the UCAS website at Use ‘Course Search’ to find the course and university you are interested in, and then have a look at the ‘Entry Profiles’.

Which course you study and where is one of the biggest decisions during your path towards studying a degree. A useful website that allows you to compare particular courses and universities is the Unistats website which displays independently gathered information regarding degree and employment outcomes

Science Preliminary Year Programmes at Cardiff

If you are interested in a science degree, medicine or dentistry, but your qualifications don’t include recently obtained science A-levels, the ‘Preliminary Programme’ at Cardiff may be an option. The School of Engineering also run a Foundation Programme. Take a look at the website for details or the Undergraduate Prospectus for details of the type of degrees you could progress onto after successful completion of the preliminary programme.

The main subjects within the Preliminary Year programmes are biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Specific advice regarding your particular situation should be sought from the admissions tutor of the Academic School in which you are interested in pursuing a degree.

For general enquiries please contact:
Dr Henrietta Standley
Tel: (029) 20876735

Part-time Study

Case Study: Sheila

Sheila Darvill studied a BA in Communication. Sheila worked throughout her degree and studied part-time. Before gaining her place on an undergraduate course, she studied at the university’s Centre for Lifelong Learning ‘Women into Management’ short courses. At 60 years of age, Sheila is now planning to develop her career as a social research analyst.

Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Centre provides around 700 short courses in almost 100 venues across South East Wales. Many of the courses have no entry requirements and can be studied in flexible combinations. It may be possible for credits gained at the Centre to act as a stepping stone onto a degree course, but it is important to confirm this with the degree course admissions tutor. If you are claiming one of a range of benefits, you may be eligible to claim all of your course fees under the Fee Waiver Scheme. The website has the most up-to-date information and the brochure ‘Choices’, listing all the classes, is produced twice a year.

Part-time Degrees

It may be possible for you to study a degree on a part-time basis, and these programmes are listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus under ‘Further Information’ or the website.