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Susanne Hagen

Susanne HagenSusanne Hagen was born and raised in a bilingual (Swedish and German) family in Sweden. She studied English, German and Applied Linguistics at Lund University, graduating with a first class degree. She was awarded a scholarship by the Goethe Institute and continued to study German for a brief period at the Institute in Freiburg, Germany. On her return to Sweden she continued to study Scandinavian languages and was subsequently awarded her first MA at Lund. Shortly afterwards she completed her PGCE and started teaching German, Swedish and English to sixth formers in Malmo, Sweden. With a passion for using her languages she set up and designed training courses for adult learners at B?hler Co. and Sigma in Malmo before she was offered a place on the Master’s programme in ICT with Foreign Language Acquisition at Aarhus Business School in Denmark. After working for  ten years teaching languages to sixth-form and FE College students at Malmo, specialising in languages for the auto-motive industry, Susanne decided on a life-and-career-change and moved to the UK in 2004, where she undertook a dual career pathway: firstly, as a director of her own company, managing European projects; and secondly she accepted a rolling contract at Warwick University Language Centre, where she  designed and taught Intercultural programmes in Swedish for Business Purposes,  aimed at preparing non-Swedish employees for secondment to  Sweden and work in blue-chip companies like Volvo. After moving to the West of England with her family in 2009, Susanne was interviewed and appointed to a part-time post teaching Swedish to post-graduates and business employees at UCL before joining the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Cardiff University in October 2012.