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Dr Bruna Chezzi FHEA

Bruna Chezzi

Bruna is a Language Tutor at Cardiff University Centre for Lifelong Learning, where she teaches Italian language and Italian cultural modules. She enjoys all aspects of teaching, and always tries to make the learning process as enjoyable and stimulating as possible.

Bruna has recently completed her PhD on cultural Representations of Italians in Wales (1920s-2010s) and is actively engaged with the Italian Community in Wales. She has given a number of talks and lectures on the subject of her research, particularly the  Italians in the UK during WWII, as well as being a guest to several radio programmes and collaborating extensively with the media.

In September 2008, she became a founder member of the Arandora Star Memorial Fund in Wales for the creation of the first national memorial in Wales to the 53 Welsh Italians who died in the tragic sinking of the ship Arandora Star during WWII. In April 2010, the Committee was awarded a £10,000 grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to record and preserve the life stories and memories of the relatives of the Italians who were residing in Wales and were victims in the tragedy.

Bruna’s academic interests include: the history of South Wales, working class literature, travel writing, autobiographical writing, identity, the role of memory in the construction of migrant identity, oral history. Her interests in the area of Italian Studies focus on the Italian immigrants in the UK, particularly South Wales, and on cultural and social exchanges between Italy and the UK.


Talks and Conferences

Autobiography and bi-cultural memory: the self-representation of Welsh- Italians.  Paper for  the SIS Postgraduate Colloquium, Exeter University, 22nd June, 2011

Family within the Italian community in Wales: a wall or a bridge between two cultures? Paper for the conference Within and Without: Representing diasporas in Europe, EUROS, Cardiff University, 13th May 2011.

(Self) – Perception and the impact of WWII on Welsh Italians. Paper for the Italian Studies Annual conference, Cork University, 5th Februray 2011.

Where is home? Family disruption and cultural division within the Italian community in South Wales. Paper for the EGIPP RIC-Research in completion day, Cardiff University, 26-January 2011.

A Love and War Affair: Italian Memories in Wales, Public talk for St. Fagan’s National History Museum, May 2010.

The Italians in South Wales 1881- 1945, A course consisting of 3 Saturday schools:

Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning, Cardiff University.

Between history and literature: representations of Italian immigrants in South Wales during the 20th century, Free History and Archaeology Seminars for Adult Learners, Cardiff University, 18 June 2008.

The image of Italian immigrants in South Wales: perceptions and representations of Welsh- Italian identity, St. Fagan’s National History Museum, March 2008.