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Professional development opportunities at Cardiff UniversityOpen for Business

Why choose bespoke?


10 Reasons Our Bespoke Service Can Benefit Your Business


1. Relevant to the Workplace

Our trainers have first-hand experience of the workplace, ensuring they can translate knowledge and theory into practical real-life applications. Incorporating real life case studies, projects and learning methods ensures training is immediately relevant and applicable to your organisation.

2. Wealth of Expertise
With access to the world class research offered by the University, we can incorporate business acumen, academic rigour and relevant experience to develop a course that meets your individual needs.

3. Business Impact
Our practical approach focuses on business outcomes, ensuring that delegates can put their learning into practice straight away.

4. Flexible Delivery
Courses can be scheduled to fit in with your organisation’s day to day activities, and are delivered in a way to suit you.

5. Flexible Location
Courses can either be delivered at your premises, in the state of the art facilities at Continuing & Professional Education, or at another venue of your choice.

6. Cost Effective
Bespoke provision ensures the training you receive is completely relevant to your organisation’s needs, and is usually at a lower cost than sending a number of staff away on courses separately.

7. Ongoing support
We will work with you through each step of the design, delivery and evaluation of the training, and can even help you to apply the knowledge back in your organisation.

8. Responsive
Dedicated support means your enquiries will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

9. Quality
Our courses are individually monitored and evaluated to ensure you receive the high quality you would expect from a world leading institution

10. Award-winning
A number of our bespoke training programmes have been recognised for training excellence.

To find out more contact the Professional Development Team or Submit an enquiry.