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Visual Management: The Key to Organisational Effectiveness

17th July: 8.30am – 10.30am

Visual Management is a set of techniques that makes it easy and obvious to do a job well, helping employees and organisations to improve.

This breakfast workshop, presented by Sarah Lethbridge from Cardiff Business School, aimed to explore different types of visual management and help participants to understand how they could use visual management to increase their effectiveness and the effectiveness of their organisation.

The session explored different types of visual management in the workplace, such as:

The workshop also provided examples from a range of different environments (healthcare, universities, financial institutions, courts) in order to demonstrate the advantage that an increase in visualisation can give work teams.

The key principles of visual management were discussed and delegates were given the opportunity to explore how visual management could bring about a benefit to their own respective organisations.



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Key points from the day are available through the event Storify: