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Introduction to Scrum: Agile Product / Project Delivery – Workshop

20 May 2014


Agile project management offers a variety of methods, frameworks, tools and techniques.

From the Agile world, the Scrum framework has gained significant traction with organisations looking for new approaches to their project management methodologies.  Though traditionally associated with software development, these principles can have positive impacts on planning for all types of organisations.

This workshop provided attendees with an introduction to Scrum, its key principles, and the benefits its effective use could bring to their team.

Delegates had the opportunity to network over light refreshments prior to the session, and were provided with their own pack of Planning Poker playing cards to use in their organisations after the session.

We are currently developing a 2 day course on this topic – keep your eye on the Executive Education pages to find out more.

Event Photos

You can see some more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Twitter Feed

Some of the key points from the event were tweeted during the session