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Open for Business Professional development opportunities at Cardiff University

The Essential Marketing Toolkit

This suite of bite-size workshops consists of six two-hour sessions, each inter-connected but also designed to stand alone.

All of the workshops will provide an interactive environment in which to learn practical tools that can be easily applied back in the workplace.

These workshops are ideal bite-size learning for those already involved in marketing or those seeking a taster of the marketing world. They’ll guarantee to leave you hungry for more!

Why not take advantage of our special promotional offer of a 10% discount when booking two or more workshops. N.B. Workshops must be booked at the same time to take advantage of this offer.

Developing Effective Internal Communications

Join this two hour workshop to find out how to build internal communications strategies that will ensure staff are kept informed, updated and able to operate effectively. Leave with an Internal Communications Strategy Template for you to use back in your workplace.

Developing Winning Pitches

The ability to develop a winning pitch cannot be underestimated, whether for winning new business or for influencing colleagues and higher managers. Come and learn some top tips and techniques on how to structure effective pitches in a variety of situations.

Market Research: A Light Bulb Moment

A two-hour interactive workshop designed to demonstrate how effective market research can provide new impetus to a company’s marketing activities. Learn how to identify your customers and competitors, how to understand the market place in which you operate and how to then use this insight to develop an effective marketing plan.

Simplifying Marketing Strategy

Join this hands-on workshop for some top tips in developing a winning marketing strategy. Be guided through a step-by-step approach and leave with a Marketing Strategy Template for you to use back in your workplace.

We Are All Marketers

This workshop highlights how we all have an important role to play in the marketing of an organisation or business, regardless of whether or not the word ‘marketing’ is in our job title. Come along to gain an insight into the 7 P’s of marketing and understand how you can use this tool to enhance your own effectiveness and performance.

What’s Your USP?

This two hour workshop will examine the concept of unique selling points (USPs) to exceed customer expectations and stand out from the crowd. Come and discover how some well-established businesses have approached this challenge and learn from their success – and their mistakes.

Not quite what you were looking for? We may be able to develop a bespoke course more suited to your needs. Please contact us for further information.