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Project Recovery

Project Management Alumni event – May 2012

Topic Profile

The theme of this alumni event is: “Project Recovery”. Despite our best endeavours projects often get into difficulties for a variety of reasons: poor governance, stakeholder expectations that do not align, over optimistic planning budgeting, ambition beyond capability or simply the unforeseen to name a few.

To help us explore the challenge of recovering a project in trouble we will be joined by Martyn Bishop, Projects Director, WSP. WSP are a global full service engineering consultancy and Martyn has built an enviable reputation within WSP and the wider industry as a “turnaround” specialist. In addition he has developed a deep understanding of managing complex Data Centre projects.

Martyn will be joined by Mike Brooks, recently appointed Director of Executive Education, Cardiff Business School. Mike has an extensive career in Programme and Project Management across all sectors with a particular focus on business transformation initiatives.

Whatever the size or nature of the project you are involved we are sure you will find this event very engaging and informative.