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Open for Business Professional development opportunities at Cardiff University

Marketing and Online Communications

As well as offering an overview of the subject as a whole, our marketing courses provide a more detailed exploration of a number of different areas of the marketing mix. Delegates will learn how to use more established marketing tools, as well as new technologies, to maximise their organisations exposure.

Communication Strategy – Design & Development

Developing a strategy for both Internal and External communications is vital in ensuring your key messages are reaching your stakeholders and your customers. This one day covers the complete process of building a comprehensive communication strategy, from core concepts to development methodologies.

Copy Writing

This highly practical course will help participants understand how to write professional and effective copy. Participants will gain an understanding of what makes a good story and the key techniques for writing effective and engaging copy, as well as the importance of successful proof reading.

Developing Marketing Plans

This course provides participants with all the key skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement effective marketing plans. It will cover key routes to market, setting marketing objectives and the role marketing plays within their organisation.

Google Analytics

Designers, developers, and those with control over site content will learn how to identify bottlenecks and design problems, and see what's working well and what needs to be tweaked.

Media Relations

This hands on course will focus on how to engage with the media, whether print, broadcast, online or social, in an effective and creative way. Delegates will gain an understanding of how the media works, how to pitch and evaluate a story and how to write an effective press release.

Producing & Editing Newsletters

Newsletters are an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting services, exchanging ideas and raising the profile of an organisation. This hands on course provides a practical look at how to produce effective e- newsletters and similar publications.

Search Engine Optimisation

In today’s world, where there is increasingly an overload of information available, it is essential that websites can be found by potential and existing customers. This course will outline effective SEO practice that will help participants to deliver high search engine rankings whilst ensuring content is accessible.

Understanding Market Research

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the markets in which their business operates. Participants will learn how to undertake market research, identify target markets and analyse competitor activity. From this, participants will be better equipped to develop marketing plans that will achieve strategic goals.

Website Design and Management

An effective website is a crucial marketing tool for any organisation. This course will provide participants with an understanding of the non-technicalfundamentals of web design, including what constitutes good design, usability and accessibility issues, and the interrelation between great content and great search engine rankings.

Writing for the Web

Well written, well presented content creates a professional and positive image for your users and customers. Participants will learn how to write web content that is appealing, effective, easy to use and speaks directly to the target audience.

Not quite what you were looking for? We may be able to develop a bespoke course more suited to your needs. Please contact us for further information.