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Open for Business Professional development opportunities at Cardiff University

Management and Performance Development

A skilled management workforce is fundamental to an efficient business. Our management and leadership courses cover the key processes, practices and theories required for successful management, catering both for those new to their position as well as those with more experience.

Coaching Skills for Effective Performance

Today’s manager knows that coaching is a key element of team development. Effective people management is no longer about telling people what to do; effective leaders understand how coaching and development contributes to business success.

Effective Mentoring

One day introduction to the high order mentoring skills needed to become an effective mentor within their workplace.

Essential Management Skills

This course focuses on moving organisations forward through positive management and achieving organisational aims. This highly interactive course is ideal for newly appointed or soon to be promoted managers/supervisors. This course is accredited by Cardiff University.

Mental Toughness

The course aims to develop delegates’ Mental Toughness and considers how this impacts upon the workplace. Delegates will undertake a questionnaire prior to the course to assess their Mental Toughness.

Organising Yourself More Effectively

These days we are all having to deal with a tsunami of information and the multiplicity of channels through which it comes; email, text, Twitter, LinkedIn, Newsletters etc. Often we find ourselves servicing huge amounts of messages which fragment our attention and cause us to neglect what truly matters. There has to be a better way and this one day programme addresses that need providing practical tools and techniques that can be used immediately.

Performance Management and Appraisal

Effective performance management helps foster motivation, staff retention, productivity and good working relationships. The course will also offer practical techniques to help participants improve their communication skills and provide an understanding of how to give feedback more effectively.

Robust Recruitment

Using evidence- based methods in your recruitment process will minimise the *risks of poor recruitment decisions (i.e. missing talented candidates and selecting poor ones) and auditing your current process will enable you to identify those methods best suited to your organisational needs.

Stakeholder Engagement ™

High performers are known to have the ability to engage and influence others. The really good news is that we can all learn these skills and this powerful certification programme takes you through simple steps, practices and techniques that will immediately give you results in the change you are trying to lead.

Train the Trainer

Understanding how to prepare and deliver training will enable you to create effective training programmes within your workplace. You will gain confidence to assess the learning outcomes against your organisation’s needs. With budgets being squeezed it is beneficial for internal experts to learn how to pass on their knowledge and expertise through effective training sessions and developing others.

Not quite what you were looking for? We may be able to develop a bespoke course more suited to your needs. Please contact us for further information.