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School of History, Archaeology and Religion

Full information about the School and its activities can be found at:

Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK

Based within the School of History, Archaeology & Religion, the Centre has expertise in delivering flexible, tailor-made training which helps staff and managers to consider not only their statutory obligations, but also the positive steps they can take to raise awareness of religious and cultural diversity, especially in relation to Muslims.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world today and dominates much of the current geopolitical discourse. People are increasingly bombarded by dramatic and at times disturbing headlines. Yet general knowledge of Muslims and their faith can be poor. There is consequently a need for a balanced and well-informed understanding of the current debates around this internationally significant topic.

Cardiff has one of the oldest and most diverse Muslim populations in the UK. Some of the earliest mosques were founded in the City in the early 20th century. Today, there are today over 45,000 Muslims in Wales, nearly half of whom live in Cardiff itself (Census 2011). This makes Cardiff an ideal location for learning more about the history and contemporary situation of Muslim communities in Britain.

The Centre has a strong and positive relationship with the local Muslim community. Local Muslims form part of the Centre’s Advisory Group, and we are proud of this partnership.

We envisage the Centre as an accessible, vibrant, and inclusive hub of learning about Islam in Cardiff and South Wales, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

From half-day courses, lunch-time seminars, to full programmes of training, we can help your organisation to respond positively and pro-actively to the needs of Muslims. Our training programmes are also supported by follow-up advisory support and consultancy, enabling relationships between your organisation and the Centre to continue in the future.

To discuss your training requirements contact:


Tel: 029 208 70121


St Michael’s College

The part that religion and spirituality play in Public Life is the object of renewed interest and debate.  The Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies, St Michaels College and South Wales Baptist College, in partnership with Cardiff University and the School of History, Archaeology and Religion offer a variety of opportunities to explore this area for professionals and interested members of the public.

What we offer:


CPD for Clergy

St Michaels has been charged by the Church in Wales to coordinate the continuing development and training of its clergy across Wales.

This partnership brings together pre- and post-ordination training.

The College delivers the following CPD for clergy:


Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies

MTh in Chaplaincy Studies


St Michaels College and the South Wales Baptist College

MTh in Theology


Chaplaincy Professional Development

Beginning Chaplaincy – This module enables those entering a career in healthcare chaplaincy to lay appropriate foundations for reflection on practice and professional career development. The course is delivered in a multi-faith collegiate environment where study, worship and spiritual reflection belong together. Whatever your particular faith allegiance, you will find a warm and accommodating welcome.

Completion of all elements of the assessment of the course will lead to the award of 20 credits within the Cardiff University MTh Chaplaincy Studies programme.


Professional Development for University Chaplains – This programme of education and development for university chaplains has been developed by the Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies, in partnership with CHELG (Churches Higher Education Liaison Group) It offers:


For more information please contact:

Tina Franklin – Administrator MTh in Chaplaincy Studies and Professional Development, Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies,,  029 20 838009

Ffion Williams – Clergy CPD / Administrator MTh in Theology,,  029 20 838007

 St Michaels College

 Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies