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Open for Business Professional development opportunities at Cardiff University

Childhood and Youth – CPD Workshop Days

Offered by one of the UK’s leading centres for childhood and youth based research, these workshops provide participants with the chance to develop their knowledge of childhood and youth and consider what it means to conduct research with children and young people at an advanced level.

Suitable for individuals already working with children and young people in a range of different roles and professions, the workshops also provide a foundation for those wishing to go on to further training in a variety of professional fields involving work with children and young people, such as education, health and social care, family policy, youth work, justice, international development and charity work.


Girls, Boys and Sexual Harassment in Schools: Policy, Practice and Change

Sexual safety and well-being is a key priority, enshrined in policy, for all schools and child-centered settings. This one-day workshop draws on recent research data to address the increasing and multiple ways in which children and young people are subject to sexual bullying and harassment in their online and offline peer and relationship cultures.

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Making, Implementing and Evaluating Social Policies for Children in Need

This day’s workshop will critically examine current and recent trends in social policies for children in need, posing the question: ‘How should the state intervene with individual families to promote children’s well-being?’ Examples from a wide spectrum of social interventions will be discussed, such as preventative and support services, child protection, looked after children and adoption.

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Developing and Evaluating Interventions to Improve Children and Young People’s Health

The aim of this workshop is to provide you with an overview of the key frameworks and methods used for designing and evaluating childhood and youth-focussed health improvement interventions.

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Creative and Participatory Research Methods with Children and Young People

This day will introduce and provide hands on opportunity to critically explore the opportunities and challenges of creative and participatory approaches to research with children and young people.

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