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The Professional Development Team can harness the vast expertise at Cardiff University to provide a quality, relevant, flexible and cost effective approach to the development, delivery and evaluation of bespoke learning solutions.
Our partnership approach means that we will work with you throughout the whole process, from identification of the business issue through to design of an appropriate solution and evaluation of the training. This ensures we understand your business and deliver appropriate training specifically tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Bespoke course content can be as specific as you require. We can:

Bespoke Professional Development


Your organisation could benefit from the wide ranging University Expertise:

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

From Business to Law, Music to Journalism, the College has an internationally recognised intellectual capacity considering the key theoretical and practical questions in the study of the economy, politics and society.

The College’s professional courses help equip employees with the latest skills, and bespoke training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations. The College consists of 11 Schools with 1,100 staff and 13,000 students.


College of Biomedical and Life Sciences

The College brings together 8 Schools with immense strength in research and teaching, not just in Wales, but the UK and worldwide.

The College is proud of its world leading research: from tackling alcohol related violence, helping families to conceive, researching new drugs and fighting diseases like cancer, the possibilities are endless.  It is also passionate about engaging with the community and widening access to health services.


College of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Internationally renowned for research and teaching excellence, the College consists of 7 Schools.  The College boasts considerable research strength with a diverse portfolio of research and teaching activities aimed at creating exciting global research directions and a rich student experience.

A key strategic driver of the College is to work with industry to translate our world-leading research into real solutions for societal and economic impact.  The College is committed to supporting companies and there are many examples of successful collaboration.