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Student representative role

Would you like to be a student representative?

After trying various methods of recruiting representatives, we have found that by far the best means is to ask for volunteers. Continuing & Professional Education hopes to enlist each year at least two students currently enrolled on Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education courses (so on any accredited course) to represent our student body on the Certificate/Diploma Board of Studies. The normal period of service is about three academic years. The Board of Studies is a formal committee of Continuing & Professional Education charged with overseeing the running of the Certificate and Diploma of Higher Education schemes. A key part of its work is to receive and act on student feedback. Obviously this feedback is received in many fashions – course tutors, student contact with Continuing & Professional Education, via Course Evaluation forms, the website etc etc., but it is also important for us to have direct student representation on the Board of Studies.

What does a student representative do?

The Student Representative’s role is to give staff the student’s perspective on Continuing & Professional Education ‘s work. We would expect the Student Representatives channel comments received from those contacting Continuing & Professional Education direct and to canvass opinions from their fellow students from a range of disciplines and areas (talking to people in the coffee breaks would be ideal). They can then bring this feedback and any ideas to our Staff Student Panel and to our Board of Studies. The Staff Student Panel provides a formal channel for students to meet with staff and to discuss issues related to their educational experience, in addition to providing an opportunity for Continuing & Professional Education to consult with students and receive feedback on new proposals. The Panel meetings are normally held at least twice a year and are usually scheduled for the week prior to the Board of Studies meetings. There are two formal Board meetings each year, usually the first Friday in November and the first Friday in March. Student matters are part of every agenda and it is important that the student voice is heard. The Board is primarily concerned with academic matters, but anything which affects academic courses is or may be relevant.

What are the benefits?

The Student Representatives will become more involved in the life of Continuing & Professional Education, not just the courses they are studying. Please also note that expenses will be paid for meeting attendance and that one free course will be offered to each Student Representative each session.


Please contact Catrin Salter, Student Representative Co-ordinator, by email or through the Student Services and Records Team (029 2087 0000).