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Nadia Swanwick

Nadia SwanwickNadia was born in France and did her undergraduate studies at University Paul Valery, in Montpellier. In 1991, she moved to Wales to work as a Language Assistant at Tycoch College, Swansea.

Nadia joined the Centre for Lifelong Learning in 1998. Over the years, she has developed a large portfolio of courses of French as a Foreign Language ranging from beginners to advanced levels. She has also taught specialised French to undergraduates from the School of Engineering and the School of Medicine. Currently, Nadia teaches for the Business School and the School of European Studies (where she is an Associate Lecturer and teaches 1st, 2nd and 4th year students).

Through her teaching at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Nadia has recently developed a strong interest on French culture and society, particularly on ways in which French society is evolving. However what she really enjoys doing is supporting her students in their linguistic progress. She thrives in teaching her students the niceties of French language and showing them how they can improve their aural and oral skills by better understanding how phonetic and grammar work. Undoubtedly, Nadia’s motto is« Impossible, n’est pas français ! »