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Student Representatives

Each year the Centre enlists from 2 to 6 students to represent the student body on the Staff student panel and the board of studies. In appreciation for this work, each student is entitled to one free course per academic session more information).

The Centre is anxious that the opinions of its students are heard. One way in which every student can help in this is by filling in the End of Course Questionnaire. If students have a more specific point or query which they wish to raise, then they can write in to the centre. However, it can help to have a fellow student to raise matters for you with the department. This is where Student Representatives come in. Students are also represented on the Boards of Studies by their own Representatives as a means of involving them further in the life of the Centre and to ensure that student views are heard on academic matters.

There are also two Staff-Student Panel Meetings each year

Minutes of the Staff Student Panel

Are you interested in becoming a student representative?