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Student Code of Behaviour

  1. A student must not engage in conduct which may involve an offence against a person; cause a nuisance; damage, deface, misappropriate or misuse any property of the University; or otherwise behave in a manner likely to bring the University into disrepute or likely to cause offence to others.
  2. A student must not engage in conduct which disrupts or is likely to disrupt teaching, study, examining, research, administration or social activities in the University or which obstructs or is likely to obstruct any student in pursuit of his/her studies or person employed by the University in the performance of his/her duty.
  3. A student must leave any premises of the University or the Student’s Union, or any other premises officially used by the University, when reasonably requested to do so by any person employed by the University.
  4. A student must not engage in, or act as a party to, any academically improper or dishonest practice.
  5. A student must comply with all requirements as to safety.
  6. The University shall maintain a constructive relationship with the Police, shall co-operate fully in any Police enquiry, and shall report any matter which appears to constitute a serious criminal offence, or where otherwise the University deems it appropriate to do so, directly to the Police.
  7. Where a possible breach of the above Code of Behaviour has taken place the Centre’s Disciplinary Procedure shall apply.