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Disciplinary procedure

This procedure shall apply to all of the Centre’s students, that is, any person who is enrolled on one of the Centre’s courses:

1. In the case of an alleged breach of the Code of Behaviour of the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning, a preliminary assessment will be undertaken by the Dean of Lifelong Learning (or his/her nominee) to determine whether the issue may be resolved without instigating formal disciplinary procedures.

2. Following the preliminary assessment of the alleged incident, the Dean of Lifelong Learning (or his/her nominee) shall have the discretion to:

3. In cases where the complaint will be dealt with within the Centre, the following procedure will be followed:

4. A student dealt with under 3 above is entitled to appeal against such a decision to the Senior Executive of the University, in the first instance. This must be done in writing within 10 working days and include a written statement for the grounds of the appeal.