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Personal development planning

Continuing and Professional Education offers all students the opportunity to participate in a process of Personal Development Planning (PDP).

What is Personal Development Planning (PDP)?

PDP is a process which aims to improve your ability to understand what and how you are learning and will help you to get the most out of your student experience by helping you to take responsibility for your own learning and raising your awareness of the variety of opportunities for development.

There may be many different reasons for studying at the Centre: to update your skills, for professional development, in preparation for undertaking undergraduate study or just for the fun of it. Attending a course in the Centre for Lifelong Learning may be part of your own personal development or, if you are employed, it might be part of your continuing professional development. You might also be attending your course as a first step back into learning and to find out whether HE level study is appropriate for you.

Whatever your motivation for taking a course, the Personal Development Planning process aims to help you make the most of your time at the university and ensure that you are aware of all of the opportunities on offer.

How is the PDP Process Structured?

The Centre’s PDP process is based upon an ongoing cycle of personal self-evaluation, reflection and development.

What Support will you receive?

While the responsibility for participating in the PDP process rests with individuals, the Centre is committed to supporting you in this activity. Forms to help you think about each of the stages outlined above are included in the Student Handbook.

There is also a more detailed Personal and Professional Planner available:

If you wish, you can discuss your development with your Tutor, Coordinating Lecturer, fellow students or members of the university support team i.e. student support and careers service.