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How the Pathway Works

The Pathway to a Degree in Modern Languages is made up of two 30-credit modules. It is therefore equivalent to 50% of the first year of a degree and is intended to provide you with the linguistic skills and intellectual preparation needed to study for a degree in Modern Languages at Cardiff University.

You have the choice: to focus on one language (Single Honours) or study two languages (Joint Honours). The four languages you can choose from are: French, German, Italian and Spanish. For a Single Honours degree, depending on your level of proficiency, you would need to obtain Stages E and F or Stages F and G in one language. If you are thinking about a degree which focuses on two languages (Joint Honours) then you would need to take one module at Stage E or higher and another in your other language at Stage E or higher.

Each module takes a little under a year to complete so under normal circumstances you would finish the pathway in two years, although there may be opportunities to complete it in less time if you have two languages. Indeed you may have already studied one or even both of the modules you need to complete the pathway – the Pathway Coordinator can give you further advice in this area. However, we know that sometimes other things in life can get in the way of study so you can take up to three years to complete the pathway if you need to. You just need to have studied the second of your two modules in the academic year before moving onto the degree itself.


We run an array of modules which will develop both your linguistic competence and your understanding of the culture and society of the countries where the language studied is spoken. In addition, training in the skills you need to study successfully at degree level is built into every module in order to ensure that you are fully equipped for a degree in Modern Languages upon completion of the pathway. Guidance on which modules are right for you is given at the outset of the pathway by the Pathway Coordinator. Please get in touch even if you are a beginner and not sure whether you will want to go on to complete a Pathway