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Welcome to the Inside Narratives Pathway

Welcome to Inside Narratives, the part-time progression pathway which has been developed to help you realise your ambition to study English Language, Literature and/or Philosophy at degree level.

On the Inside Narratives pathway, you will immerse yourself in some of the greatest literature of all time, from the ancient epics of Homer right up to 21st century novels and song lyrics. But it isn’t all about the ‘classics’ – you’ll learn to read everyday texts, such as tweets and emails, with a new sensitivity and awareness. Our modules will enrich the world you live in.

On this pathway, you’ll also have the chance to ask some of the most important and profound questions ever to trouble the human mind. Is there a God? What does it mean to exist? And just why is your dog barking at that table lamp?

Inside Narratives is a collaboration Continuing & Professional Education and the School of English, Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff University. With the help of our expert tutors and your fellow students, this pathway will give you the freedom to ask questions, to engage with unfamiliar perspectives, to unleash your creativity, and to experience the ‘meeting of minds’ that is at the heart of all education.

To find out more, please contact me at, or phone 02920 876108.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr Nick Jones
Inside Narratives Co-ordinator

P.S. Why not check out the Structure of the Pathway to find out exactly how it works?