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Employment Law and Practice

Level 1 (CQFW Level 4), 20 Credits.

Available Dates:

Not Presently Available.

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Course Description

This course concentrates on examining the nature of employment contracts, the resulting relationship between employer and employee, and their rights and obligations under the contracts agreed. Methods of dispute-settlement, and subjects such as discrimination and dismissal, form an integral part of this course. Recent legislative changes will be discussed, with cases used to illustrate relevant points and enhance the understanding of the issues involved.

Who is this course for?

This course should be of interest to a wide variety of persons interested in the practical and academic nature of employment law – employees, personnel officers, trade unionists, those involved with employers, dispute-settlement, etc.

Learning and Teaching

The influence of European law and the effects of human rights on employment law will be explained and interwoven throughout the course, providing the student with a comprehensive understanding of the law, its procedures and possible future.

Coursework and Assessment

To award credits we need to have evidence of the knowledge and skills that you have acquired. Some of this has to be in a form that can be shown to external examiners so that we can be absolutely sure that standards are met across all courses and subjects.

The most important element of assessment is that it should enhance your learning. The Centre’s methods are designed to increase your confidence, much effort having been expended on devising ways of assessing that are enjoyable and suitable for adults leading busy lives.

Assignment will be in the form of a class test and written assignment.

Reading suggestions

For this course, the following books are recommended:

M. Slocombe: Employment Law Made Easy (Law Pack Publishing, 2001; 4th edition, 2003)
G. Pitt: Employment Law (Sweet and Maxwell, 1991; 5th edition, 2003)
N. Selwyn: Selwyn’s Law of Employment (Butterworth, 1996; 13th edition, 2004)

The course tutor will suggest further titles, as appropriate.