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La narrazione di se

Level 2 (CQFW Level 5), 20 Credits.

Available Dates:

This course is currently not being offered in the academic year 2015 - 2016.

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This course aims to:

The main focus of this course is for students to broaden their knowledge of Italian language and culture and find their “own Italian voice”:

“Foreign language learners have to be exposed to different types of texts, from the most conventional to the most particular, but if they are eventually to find their own voice in the foreign language and culture, literary text can offer them models of particularity and opportunities for the dialogic negotiation of meaning” Kramsch C., (1993:131). Context and Culture in Language Teaching. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press.

Who is this course for?

This course is for students who have a good knowledge of the language and who wish to improve their language skills by engaging with a selection of narrative pieces, giving a personal response to the text, and discussing cultural aspects of Italian culture through the medium of Italian.

Learning and Teaching

Besides attendance and participation, the students will work on a selection of narratives pieces, analysing the multiple and diverse meanings emerging from a variety of texts and focusing on how and to what extent the authors express their own voices among the many voices of their community. Students will also engage with the texts by giving personal oral and written opinions. Each text will provide the opportunity to engage in a direct individual and collective dialogue with a series of apposite activities. The course will be delivered in Italian.

Coursework and Assessment

To award credits we need to have evidence of the knowledge and skills you have gained or improved. Some of this has to be in a form that can be shown to external examiners so that we can be absolutely sure that standards are met across all courses and subjects.

You will not have formal examinations but you may have class tests. You may be asked to write assignments, keep a course journal or put together a portfolio. Our assessments are flexible to suit the course and the student.

The most important element of assessment is that it should enhance your learning. Our methods are designed to increase your confidence and we try very hard to devise ways of assessing you that are enjoyable and suitable for adults with busy lives.

Library and Computing Facilities

As a student on this course you are entitled to join and use the University library and computing facilities. You can find out more about these facilities on our website under Student Information, or by ringing the Centre on

(029) 2087 0000.

Accessibility of Courses

Our aim is access for all. We aim to provide a confidential advice and support service for any student with a long term medical condition, disability or specific learning difficulty. We are able to offer one-to-one advice about disability, pre-enrolment visits, liaison with tutors and co-ordinating lecturers, material in alternative formats, arrangements for accessible courses, assessment arrangements, loan equipment and Dyslexia screening. Please contact the Centre on (029) 2087 0000 for an information leaflet.

Further Information

A range of further information can be found on our web site or in Choices.  This includes the times and dates of courses and an explanation of accreditation and credit levels.