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Advanced French Conversation Summer

Level 3, 10 Credits.

Available Dates:

Not Presently Available.

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This course is for you if you have attended several years of part-time study and/or if you have a good knowledge of French and you want to further practice your conversation skills. This course will make extensive use of audio/visual materials and there will be ample opportunity to expand your active vocabulary (B2/C1).

During this course, we will explore and develop the following themes:

This course is designed to review and consolidate the students’ use of the French language, developing both vocabulary and range of language structures.  It will thus equip you with the necessary skills enabling you to communicate effectively in various situations and at an advanced level.  This course will also build on knowledge of the sociocultural aspects of France and the regions/countries where French is spoken.

Each theme will be introduced and developed through a variety of supportive practical material such as texts, audio and video recordings and use of the internet.  Participants will actively engage in a wide variety of activities, drawing from personal interests and experience, and findings from their own research.

On completion of the course, the group should have acquired better oral and aural autonomy in French and should have experienced various aspects of the Francophone culture.

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