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Spanish – pre-entry self tests.

We know that these can be difficult texts and there may be techniques needed with which you are not yet familiar. Just see what you can do with this to give us an idea of your Spanish reading and translation skills. You may use any translation aid but please ensure that the final versions are your own work.

You will receive feedback within a fortnight of submitting your work.

The test pieces are representative of the standard of texts at the beginning of the course. Over the duration of the course the standard increases so that at the end of the course texts chosen will be close to the standard needed to enrol on the high level Spanish to English translation course in preparation for the Institute of Lingusts Diploma in Translation exam. Test piece 1 | Test Piece 2

In submitting any work, please ensure the heading includes your full name, e-mail address, telephone number and a translation of the title. Students are requested to use Times New Roman font size 12 and to use line and a half spacing.

Please submit your test pieces with the subject heading “Pre-entry test Spanish” to for the attention of Siân Austin.