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Fee Waiver

Note (August 2016): The HEFCW Student Fee Waiver scheme has not yet been confirmed for 2016/7. The application form is subject to amendment should the eligibility criteria or other details of the scheme be changed by HEFCW.

Please read the details below before applying:

The Scheme

With the support of Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) Cardiff University is offering a fee waiver scheme for eligible students. Under this scheme, up to £1,200 can be claimed to support part-time tuition fees. To be eligible for the scheme a student or their family must be in receipt of certain Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits or have been registered as a job seeker for at least 6 weeks. Full eligibility criteria and the application form can be found below. The Application Form should be submitted with the Enrolment Form.

The amount of credits that can be funded by this scheme will depend on whether you have studied with us before.

If you have studied with us before you will be able to continue your studies using this scheme, provided you satisfy the eligibility criteria

If you have not studied with us before, you will only be eligible for funding up to 20 credits in this academic year. New students who intend studying 30 credits or more should not apply for funding from this scheme. You may, however be eligible for a part-time student loan to fund your fees.

Please note that the Welsh Government is currently reviewing funding arrangements and as such continuation of this scheme cannot be guaranteed for future years.

Course Eligibility

The scheme only applies to accredited courses. Short courses for professional development are not eligible for the fee waiver scheme

Students should not be studying more than 110 credits in an academic year.

Students who already have the following qualifications are not eligible for the scheme

Students who have already claimed funding for 360 credits are not eligible for further funding.

Funding is not available for repeat courses.

Personal Eligibility

Students should be Welsh domiciled.

Students should not be in receipt of a Welsh Assembly Government Part-Time Fee Grant

Earnings Criteria

A student enrolled on an eligible course must meet at least one of the conditions set out in (a) to (d) below:

(a) The student’s family is in receipt of :

  1. Income Support or
  2. Universal Credit or
  3. Income-based jobseekers allowance or
  4. Pension Credit or
  5. Housing Benefit or
  6. Council Tax Reduction or
  7. Working Tax Credit

(b) The student is in receipt of :

  1. Severe Disablement Allowance
  2. Disability Living Allowance
  3. Attendance Allowance
  4. Incapacity Benefit
  5. Carer’s Allowance
  6. Employment and Support Allowance
  7. Personal Independence Payment

(c) the student is a registered job seeker, and has been so for a continuous period of no less than six weeks prior to the date of application

(d) the sole income to the student’s family is DWP benefits

A family is defined as:

  1. mature single student, or
  2. married or unmarried couple, or
  3. a couple in a civil partnership or
  4. married or unmarried couple with dependant children, or
  5. lone parent with dependant children.

Earnings Evidence

Evidence of benefits must be provided at the time of enrolment, which may be in the form of:
1. the completed application form, which can be found at the bottom of this page, or
2. in the case of those in receipt of the benefits listed above a copy of the “award Letter” may be submitted if preferred.

Changes in Circumstances

Should your circumstances change and you are no longer entitled to a fee waiver, you should advise the Continuing & Professional Education, whereupon the remaining proportion of the tuition fee may be payable.

How to Apply

Download Fee Waiver Application Form (Available 06/08/2014)

If you fulfil the above criteria, then apply for the fee waiver. Complete section A. You need to provide evidence that you are eligible and there are two ways you can do this:

1. Have Section B certified by the relevant government agency, or

2. Attach a copy of evidence of your eligibility, for example:

  1. A letter from the DWP, Local Council or Jobcentre confirming entitlement,
  2. A “notice” in the case of Working Tax Credit,
  3. A copy of the cover and first page of your or your families benefit book confirming your name and address and the type(s) of benefits you are receiving.

Post the fee waiver form to Continuing & Professional Education along with your evidence of benefits and your enrolment form. Please contact us if you need further help and advice.