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Accreditation: a guide

Most of our courses now offer nationally recognised credits which can be used towards a Diploma of Higher Education (120 credits), a Certificate of Higher Education (120 credits) or a Foundation Certificate (60 credits). Credits are recognition by Cardiff University that you have successfully completed a course of study.  Credits will be offered at either Level 4, which is equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree scheme, or at Level 5, which is equivalent to the second year of an undergraduate degree scheme.  To obtain credits you need to have attended a credit-bearing course regularly and to have completed the necessary assessments satisfactorily.  Assessment takes many different forms and may include assignments and class tests.  The assessment is appropriate to the course and to adult students.  Our tutors are very experienced and support is available throughout the course. You can register to take an accredited course and decide as the course goes along whether you wish to be assessed.  There is no obligation to complete the assessment.  However, undertaking work during the course will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of a subject.

Diploma of Higher Education (120 credits)

Students wishing to enrol for the Diploma in Higher Education should check that they satisfy the entry requirements for this course of study.  To qualify for the Diploma in Higher Education, you must gain a total of 120 credits in specified blocks of 60 credits at Level 5.  There are three blocks of modules currently offered in Computer Studies and these are given below.  You must obtain 60 credits from each of two blocks of modules.  The total of 120 credits must be obtained within 10 years.

Level 5 Modules for C and Shell Programming Credits
C Programming I 20
C Programming II 10
C++ Programming 20
Windows Powershell Programming 20
Shell Programming I 20
Shell Programming II 10


Level 5 Modules for Java Programming Credits
Java I 20
Java II 20
Java III 20
Level 5 Modules for the Web Credits
PHP Scripting for the Web 20
XML for the Web 20
Using mySQL with PHP for the Web 20
Web Development with Javascript and AJAX 20
Level 5 computer and network security Credits
Data Security and Networking 20
Computer Forensics Investigation and Response 20
Network Forensics 20
Level 4 computing Modules Credits
Database Systems using ORACLE 20
Python Programming 10
Web Development using HTML and CSS 20
Web Design and Technologies 20